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Computational Molecular Biology is an active area of research at Carnegie Mellon, carried out by faculty members who make this their primary research area as well through collaborations between computational and biological scientists. Areas of emphasis include the application of machine learning and data mining techniques to large biological knowledge bases, computational aspects of high-throughput laboratory methodologies for large-scale, systematic studies of protein structure and function, analysis of biological image data and computational genomics

The SYNC project (Scheduling Your Network Connections) led by Professor Mor Harchol-Balter aims to speed up response time at Web servers servicing static HTTP requests by 500 percent. The idea is simple. Many HTTP requests arriving at a Web server are static, of the form "Get me a file." For such requests, the size of the request (i.e. the time required to service the request) is well-approximated by the size of the file, which is well-known to the server. Thus far, no company or research institution has made use of this information. The SYNC project uses the knowledge of the size of the request to affect the scheduling order in which requests are serviced by the Web server.



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