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Lamps of ALADDIN Annual Project Review 2005
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Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
Newell Simon Hall 3305
Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Lamps of ALADDIN Annual Project Review is a one-day workshop in which students will present their recent research results, or outline ongoing work. The primary purpose of the review is to inform other students and faculty of research that is going on as part of ALADDIN and associated projects. The talks will be conference length (about 20 minutes) plus time for Q&A (about 5 minutes), and should be aimed for a general theory audience. We plan to have enough time to include ample discussion. Lunch and refreshments will be served.

Organizing Committee:
Guy Blelloch, Carnegie Mellon University
R. Ravi, Carnegie Mellon University

Tentative Agenda

Wednesday, May 11, 2005
10:00 am Coffee
10:20 am Adam Wierman, Carnegie Mellon University
Classifying scheduling policies with respect to higher moments of conditional response time. (abstract) (presentation ppt)
10:45 am Nina Balcan, Carnegie Mellon University
A Theoretical Model for Learning from Labeled and Unlabeled Data (abstract) (presentation ppt)
11:10 am Daniel Golovin, Carnegie Mellon University
Prize Collecting Cuts (abstract) (presentation ppt)
11:35 am Hubert Chan, Carnegie Mellon University
Metric Embeddings with Relaxed Guarantees (abstract) (presentation ppt)
12:00 noon Lunch
1:30 pm Srinath Sridhar, Carnegie Mellon University
A Faster Reconstruction of Binary Near-Perfect Phylogenetic Trees (abstract) (presentation ppt)
1:55 pm Kedar Dhamdhere, Carnegie Mellon University
On Stochastic Minimum Spanning Tree (abstract) (presentation ppt)
2:20 pm Viswanath Nagarajan, Carnegie Mellon University
An Approximation Algorithm for Requirement Cut on Graphs (abstract) (presentation ppt)
2:45 pm Vineet Goyal, Carnegie Mellon University
On the Minimum Crossing Spanning Tree (abstract) (presentation ppt)
3:10 pm Break
3:30 pm Roy Liu, Carnegie Mellon University
Peekaboom: A Game for Locating Objects in Images (abstract) (presentation ppt)
3:55 pm Todd Phillips, Carnegie Mellon University
Moving Mesh Adaptation Techniques (abstract) (presentation ppt)
4:20 pm Yiannis Koutis, Carnegie Mellon University
Combinatorial and Algebraic Tools for Multigrid (abstract) (presentation ppt)
4:45 pm Discussion
Ideas for Future PROBEs

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