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Table of contents

Preserving Confidentiality AND Providing Adequate Data for Statistical Modeling


R-U Confidentiality Map

NISS Prototype Query System

Confidentiality Concern

Fundamental Abstractions

Why Marginals?

Example 1: 2000 Census

PowerPoint Presentation

Example 2: Risk Factors for Coronary Heart Disease

Example 2: The Data

Example 3: NLTCS

Two-Way Fréchet Bounds

Bounds for Multi-Way Tables

Role of Log-linear Models?

Graphical & Decomposable Log-linear Models

MLEs for Decomposable Log-linear Models

Multi-way Bounds

Multi-Way Bounds (cont.)

Ex. 2: Czech Autoworkers

Bounds for [BF][ABCE][ADE]

Example 2 (cont.)

More on Bounds

Example 2: Release of All 5-way Margins

Example 3: NLTCS

NLTCS Search Results

Perturbation Maintaining Marginal Totals

Perturbation for Protection

Some Ongoing Research


The End

Stochastic Perturbation Methods

Exact Distribution of Table Given Marginals

Markov Basis “Moves”

Three-way Illustration (k=3)

NISS Table Server: 6-Way Table