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Jointly Restraining Big Brother: Using cryptography to reconcile privacy with data aggregation

Privacy-sensitive interactions

A general approach for solution:

The “trusted service” solution

Example: Elections

Example: Medical records

Challenges (I):

Challenges (II):

Stand-Alone Security

Example: Concurrent Zero-Knowledge [F90,DNS98]

Example: Malleability of commitments [DDN91]

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How to guarantee security in complex protocol environments?

Universally Composable Security [C01]

The composition operation (Originates with [MR91])

The composition operation (single call to F)

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The composition operation (multiple calls to F)

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Implications of the UC theorem

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Existence results: Honest majority

What if there is no honest majority? (e.g., two-party protocols)

The [GMW87] paradigm:

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[GMW87] Protocol Compilation

Constructing a UC “[GMW87] compiler”

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The “Commit-and-Prove” primitive

To sum up:

Application to privacy