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Organizers: Jason Hartline, Uday Rajan, R. Ravi

The goal of the PROBE is to explore areas of productive interaction between Microeconomists, such as game-theorists and Auction designers, and Computer Scientists. The activities over the academic year will be broadly divided into two themes: Over the Fall of 2003, the participation of Jason Hartline, ALADDIN postdoc, will result in a focus on problems on Auctions, with a workshop on this topic in the later half of Fall. In the Spring of 2004, the research will address problems of Market Design and more generally, issues in the computation of market equlibria in dynamic settings. with particular emphasis on empirical econometric research that relies on such computations. While the goal of the first half is to identify and formulate important practical auction design problems arising in practice and relate them to the current body of work from the academic side, the latter half will focus on new ways in which Computer Science techniques can be used in the effective solution of empirical practical problems in microeconomics.

Market Design Workshop. October 28 – 29, 2004
Workshop on Auction Theory and Practice, November 7-8, 2003



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