Human Interactive Proofs (HIPs)

Allison Coates: Investigations into Captchas
Alma Whitten: Abstract fot Human Interactive Proof
Andrei Broder: Preventing bulk url submission by robots in AltaVista PDF
Henri Baird: The Ability Gap Between Human & Machine Reading Systems PDF
Dirk Balfantz:Some Thoughts on HIPs/Related Research at CSL Security Group
Bartosz Przydatek: On the (im)possibility of a text-only Captcha PDF
Charles H Bennett: Time bracketed video authentification by online challenges
Tom Berson: Preliminary Ideas about Human Interactive Proofs PDF
Luis Alfonso von Ahn: Telling Humans and Computers appart (Automatically) PDF
Luis Alfonso von Ahn, Manuel Blum, John Langford: Telling Humans and Computers appart (Automatically)
Daniel Lopresti, Chilin Shih: Human Interactive Proofs for Spoken Language Interface PDF
Richard Fatemana: No title
Philip Brighten Godfrey: Text-based CAPTCHA Algorithms PDF
David Goldberg: Statement for Human Interactive Proofs Workshop
Nick Hopper: Security and complexity aspects of Human Interactive Proofs PDF
Ari Jueles: At the Juncture of Chryptography and Humanity PDF
Lenore Blum: The Aladdin Center for ALgorithm ADaptation,Dissemination and Integration PDF
Jitendra Malik: Visual Shape Recognition and CAPTCHAs PDF
Manuel Blum: PhonOID Protocol Class #81 PDF
Monica Chew: Techniques for human authentication
George Nagy: Why am I here?
Nancy Chan: Abstract of Sound Oriented Captcha PDF
Moni Naor: Humans, Computers and Cryptography
Adrian Perrig, Dawn Song: New Directions for User Authentication: Reflex instead of Reflection PDF
Kris Popat: Background and Interests for HIP'2002
Prateek Sarkar: Distinguishing between valid users and non_users by ability to interpret and respond
Rachna Dhmija: Deja vu: A HIP Prototype Using Images for Authentification
Rachel Rue: Eighty-six bits of memory magic PDF
Rober H. Sloan: Two hats: Program director, computational learning theory researcher
A. Lawrence Spitz: A Feeble Classifier Relying on Strong Context PDF
Stuart Haber: HIPs and DRM/DPM systems
Thomas M.Breuel: Semantic Cryptography
Doug Tygar: HIP Projects at SIMS Dept, UC Berkeley
Udi Manber: Web Exploits--What bad people are doing and how it affects the rest of us
Ke Yang: Issues for Chinesse CAPTCHA PDF


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